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Historical San Luis Obispo Tribune teams up with press release service
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Thursday, 23 June 2011 19:33

Since being founded in 1869 primarily as a tool to assist District Attorney Walter Murray generate PR buzz for his ultimately failed campaign for the position of District Judge, The San Luis Obispo (California) Tribune has changed hands many times, most recently having been sold as part of Knight Ridder to the McClatchy Company in 2006. Despite having been owned by numerous entities, however, The Tribune has remained steadfast in adhering to Murray’s original mission, “to be the county's primary source of news and information, to cover the news aggressively, fairly and accurately…” Some might say that this is – or at least should be – the mission of all press outlets.

Living up to such an ambitious mission has grown increasingly complex in the years since Murray first published his little paper. And while Murray may have failed at his original goal to become a District Judge, when he founded The Tribune he set something in motion that has had a much longer-lasting and more far-reaching influence than perhaps even he could have imagined. In today’s “global village,” what happens halfway around the world can have as monumental an effect as does something that occurs right next door. In order to fulfill its mission, The Tribune relies upon trusted newswire and press release services such as

PRBuzz’ press release distribution service provides The Tribune with the kind of information that its subscribers demand (see, while simultaneously ensuring that its press release clients are provided with an efficient and timely pipeline by which to get their information to readers all over the world. PRBuzz is able to provide this win-win service by combining their extensive knowledge of the communication process with their well-established relationship with the right people in all the major media outlets.

PRBuzz’ optimized press release service:

– Provides placement of powerful, optimized press releases in top Internet search engines, topic-specific news sites, blogs, social networks, newspaper sites, and TV and radio news sites

– Distributes press releases among a global database containing more than 243,000 media contacts and 112,000 bloggers

– Increases clients’ website traffic

– Optimizes Search Engine placement for client websites by creating valuable back links

– Maintains all press releases in an active status for a minimum of three years

– Provides clients with real-time tracking capability of all their online press releases

– Offers the capability for graphics enhancement of each press release with up to 10 client-provided photos or graphics

– Allows up to 5 regular hyperlinks or text links in each optimized press release (many press release distribution services do not allow back links)

– Does not insert other companies’ ads into clients’ press releases, as do many press release services

– Distributes press releases within two business days

– Allows up to 1,000 words in each press release to ensure that sufficient information is included

PR campaigns generated by PRBuzz for its press release clients capture the interest of readers in San Luis Obispo and beyond, offering information about everything from world events to financial news to technology to pop culture.

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From Hemingway to Latino KKK, Press Newswire generates more PRbuzz than standard newswire services
Press Newswire
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Thursday, 23 December 2010 22:02
Not too many years ago, news producers, journalists, and city desk editors relied mainly upon noisy teletype machines to feed them the latest PRbuzz from around the world. Nowadays, however, the old teletype newswire has become something of an anachronism, its importance overshadowed by skilled professionals like those at Press Newswire (located at ), who target breaking stories and information with laser accuracy to media sources most likely to run the stories, rather than just shotgunning the information to everyone on the newswire.
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